Specialist Maternity Therapies

  • Specialist Maternity Therapies

    Oriental Hand Therapy

    45min | £50

    A sensual hand treatment infused with orange oil to nourish hands and cuticles. iMantara Peaceful Palms Jasmine and Citrus Hand Bath and Hand Lotion refresh, soften and protect. A particularly good treatment if you are suffering with fluid retention in the hands in the later stages of pregnancy.

  • Specialist Maternity Therapies

    Orange Glow Foot Therapy

    45 min | £55

    An exotic treatment inspired by ancient Thai remedies. The feet are cleansed and purified using specially selected iMantara products that harness the power of cucumber, mandarin and Thai Jasmine Flower extracts. A thorough exfoliation follows to slough away dead skin cells and reveal brighter, smoother skin. The treatment ends with a hydrating and rebalancing foot lotion.

  • pregnancy massage

    Pre Birth Essential

    1hr | £95

    A ritual therapy designed exclusively for the expectant mother. This luxurious treatment helps relieve the common effects of pregnancy such as dry skin, aching muscles and fluid retention. Using Asian botanical ingredients and a unique massage technique the therapy relieves aching backs and soothes swollen legs. The body is left feeling lighter, smoother and more relaxed. Regular treatments can combat pregnancy fatigue, boost circulation and prevent stretch marks.

  • Thai Square Spa

    Post Birth Restoration

    1.5hr | £130

    This traditional Thai herbal therapy has been practiced for centuries to combat muscle tension after pregnancy. The restorative session begins with the application of a warm Thai herbal poultice, containing a variety of therapeutic Thai herbs and spices, before a full body Ritual Massage.

  • pregnancy massage


    3hr | £225

    Decadent, relaxing ‘you time’ before your new arrival

    • Floral Foot Bath
    • Pre Birth Essential
    • Oriental Scalp Massage
    • Oriental Hand Therapy
    • Orange Glow Foot Therapy
    • Refreshments
  • Package Sampler


    3hr | £215

    Indulge your senses and take some pampering time away from your new-born    

    • Floral Foot Bath
    • Mother of Pearl Scrub
    • Ghassoul Mint Mud Mask and wrap
    • Post Birth Essential
    • Refreshments