Body Treatments

  • Thai massage London


    1hr | £110, 1.5hr | £150, 2hr | £195

    Exotic and unique, this treatment fuses traditional Thai massage with deep tissue, pressure point and ancient stretching techniques. It releases tension, increases vitality and flexibility and creates wholeness of the mind, body and spirit.

  • Ritual Therapies


    1hr | £110, 1.5hr | £150, 2hr | £195

    This treatment combines various Oriental massage techniques in the ultimate personalised therapy. Using essential oils blended from flower and fruit extracts ­these rituals will soften, soothe and balance the senses. Choose from the selection of treatment oils below.

    • Royal Rachawadee Massage & Body Oil

    Light, zesty and refreshing. Rachawadee has a wonderful calming action on mind and body. Expertly blended with four citrus-based essential oils, this leaves a subtle fruity aroma on skin. Bergamot and Orange are balancing, Grapefruit energises and Petitgrain invigorates.

    • So Sen Uplifting Jasmine Massage & Body Oil

    A powerful blend of the finest Thai Jasmine flower extract that has an instant energising and restorative effect on both mind and body. Thai Rice Bran, Sweet Almond and Safflower oils are deeply hydrating, while added Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants.

  • Back Neck Massage London

    RITUAL MASSAGE (Back Neck Shoulder)

    1hr | £100

    This ancient therapy releases tension in your upper back, neck and shoulders where physical and emotional stress often manifests. Using the iMantara Andaman Aromasoul Massage and Body Oil, this indulgent and relaxing treatment reflects Thailand’s Arabian aromatherapy influences.

  • Head Massage London


    30min | £60

    This treatment boosts energy levels and relieves symptoms of anxiety, fatigue and depression. The head massage uses specialist pressure point techniques which are also excellent for insomnia, migraines and sinusitis.

  • Foot Massage


    30min | £60, 1hr | £85

    An ancient therapy that has its roots in reflexology - linking zones on the feet to specific parts of the body to help alleviate pain, tension and inflammation.

  • Thai Square Spa


    1hr | £120, 1.5hr | £170, 2hr | £210

    A traditional Thai herbal therapy to soothe tense, stiff muscles. This healing treatment begins with the application of a warm Thai herbal poultice, which contains a variety of therapeutic Thai herbs and spices. A full body ‘ritual massage’ follows using Imantara So Sen Uplifting Jasmine Massage and Body Oil.

  • jade


    1.5hr | £185, 2hr | £230

    This treatment begins with a floral foot bath followed by a full body cleanse to prepare the skin for a ritual massage using the sublime iMantara Royal Rachawadee massage and body oil. During the ritual massage warm Jade stones are placed on the body to relax the muscles. Jade is renowned for its protective, healing qualities and helps to relieve stress, release toxins, lower blood pressure and promote optimum health.

  • Scrub

    Thai Square Signature Scrub

    45 min | £90

    An invigorating scrub harnessing the power of the iMantara Siamese Serenity Refining Body Polish. This treatment uses the finest Thai herbal ingredients. Thai Longan Extract tightens and refines skin texture and Thai Turmeric improves circulation and leaves skin with a soft glow.

  • Thai massage london

    Thai Square Signature Wrap (Botanical wrap)

    1 hr | £115

    A potent detoxifying whole body treatment that improves skin clarity and firms and tones the skin.

  • Thai massage london


    90 min | £165

    Relax and unwind with this unique experience. The treatment begins with a full body cleanse and exfoliation before the body is cocooned in a warm thermal wrap of Dead Sea mud to detoxify and nourish. An invigorating Vichy shower, using the iMantara So Sen Uplifting Jasmine body lotion is then applied to enhance the deep hydrating effect.

  • Vichy


    1 hr | £105

    Fusing the circulation-boosting benefits of the Vichy Shower with a gentle full body exfoliation, this heavenly treatment leaves limbs luxuriously soft and contours uplifted. An exquisite pre-holiday indulgence.