This treatment combines various Oriental massage techniques in the ultimate personalised therapy. Using essential oils blended from flower and fruit extracts ­these rituals will soften, soothe and balance the senses. Choose from the selection of treatment oils below.

  • Royal Rachawadee Massage & Body Oil

Light, zesty and refreshing. Rachawadee has a wonderful calming action on mind and body. Expertly blended with four citrus-based essential oils, this leaves a subtle fruity aroma on skin. Bergamot and Orange are balancing, Grapefruit energises and Petitgrain invigorates.

  • So Sen Uplifting Jasmine Massage & Body Oil

A powerful blend of the finest Thai Jasmine flower extract that has an instant energising and restorative effect on both mind and body. Thai Rice Bran, Sweet Almond and Safflower oils are deeply hydrating, while added Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants.