• New Andaman Room Spray 72

    Andaman Aromasoul Room Spray

    £5.95 | 120 ml

    WAS £15.95 | NEW YEAR SALE Inspired by Thailand’s Arabian aromatherapy influences, this sublime blend will infuse your home with its beguiling and exotic scent. Rosewood essential oil is relaxing, Vetiver, Sandalwood and Myrrh are soothing and anti-inflammatory,  while Cardamon stimulates and refreshes.  A well-balanced multi-layered scent provides the perfect aromatherapy ambience to any living…

  • Andaman Essenrtial Oil

    Andaman Aromasoul Essential Oil

    £5.95 | 10 ml

    WAS £12.95 | NEW YEAR SALE The perfect fusion of Arabian and Thai herbs, this beautiful aromatherapy blend is formulated to be used with a burner and will infuse any living space with its exquisite aroma. To use: Half fill an oil burner with water and add 3-4 drops to scent your home with its…

  • imantara-home-duo

    Home Duo (Sublime Living Duo)

    £18.95 |

    WAS £26 | BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL Forget the gloomy and murky English Winter time, this real exotic scent will transport your mind to the sunny climes of Thailand.  Sublime Living Jasmine Rachwadee Essential oil, Sublime Living Jasmine Rachawadee Room Spray, and an iMantara Gift Box   Sublime Living Jasmine and Rachawadee Room Spray | 120 ml…

  • iMantara burner box set

    Siam Burn Living Set

    £49.95 |

    WAS £59 | BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL Bring Thai aromatherapy traditions into your own home with this beautiful handmade earthenware pottery incense burner. Handcrafted by original Thai artist Suchart Kingsodsee, as part of the Thai Local Wisdom initiative which showcases the work of native Thai artists and craftsmen, this exquisite burner features intricate cut-out detailing. The…

  • Thai Square imantara room spray

    Sublime Living Jasmine & Rachawadee Room Spray

    £9.95 | 120ml

    WAS £15.95 | BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL Harnessing the natural power of two of Thailand’s most fragrant botanicals, Jasmine and Rachawadee, this wraps your home in a pure, regal scent reminiscent of summer evenings in Thai pavilions and palaces. TO USE: Use 2-3 spritzes of this rich home fragrance to subtly scent rooms or spray in the…

  • Jasmine_Rachwadee_Essential_oil

    Sublime Living Jasmine & Rachawadee Essential Oil

    £9.95 | 10ml

    WAS £12.95 | BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL Harnessing the natural power of one of Thailand’s most fragrant botanicals, this essential oil will infuse your living space with a subtle scent reminiscent of hazy, sun-drenched days in the Orient. TO USE: Add 3-4 drops to an oil burner and mix with a little water to subtly scent…