Why getting a facial treatment is the most fabulous thing to do this Christmas

It is imperative for maintaining the youth and fresh looks in this Christmas to prepare yourself for the upcoming festive parties. Therefore, it is important to see beauty professionals at salons or visit the best spa in London, like Thai Square Spa for a high-quality facial treatment. A glowy face helps in boosting confidence and elegance, and professionally speaking, you should get a professional and the best facial in London at least once every month.

Here are some reasons why you need to try out a facial treatment this Christmas:

  1. Treatment of a variety of skin conditions

Our skins and faces are exposed to a number of stimuli that predispose them to infections and other diseases. If you are having skin conditions like pimples, sunspots, dehydration, whiteheads, blackheads, wrinkles and many other conditions, getting regular facial treatments at a day spa in London will be beneficial to rectify these skin problems.

  1. Skin rejuvenation

The massage, extraction, exfoliation steam and mask application helps in re-energizing and making your face look younger. This improves your facial appearance and paints a ray of sunshine over it. The results may not come immediately but with regular facial treatments at Thai spa, you will see the steady improvement.

  1. Relaxing

There are a lot of things we face in life that lead to stress. The workload in your organization, financial crisis, inflation and social challenges. A good facial treatment and massage, however, help you relax and relieve stress. Just like the other parts of your body, your facial muscles also require massage to relieve pain and tension. A good treatment boosts the circulation that stimulates the lymphatic vessels and detoxifies the skin leaving it feeling healthy and gorgeous.

  1. Deeper cleansing

Dirt and toxins accumulate deep in our skin to a level that you cannot reach even with a routine and simple facial treatment at home. A good treatment from a professional therapist will, however, penetrate deep enough to help you get rid of excess oil and deep-layer toxins. Microdermabrasion eliminates the dead cells and opens up your facial pores, enhancing the absorption of nutrients that make your face smoother.

  1. Helps in keeping you young

As we are getting older, the face is among the first parts of the body that display the signs of ageing. A good facial treatment with anti-ageing creams including massage improves the blood circulation and oxygen flow which promotes collagen synthesis that enhances the skin’s elasticity. This helps in keeping your facial muscles relaxed and your face free from wrinkles.

  1. As a treat to yourself

There are a lot of activities people engage in to treat themselves and a facial is one way of getting to treat and rejuvenate yourself.  A good facial treatment helps you relax and leaves you with a beautiful feeling that uplifts your spirit and clears your mind.

Best Facial in London for this Christmas

At Thai Square Spa, we offer a wide range of Thai facial treatments that are specially designed to cleanse, moisture and rejuvenate your skin. This Christmas, there is nothing better and more enjoyable than experiencing the signature Golden Maharani Facial at Thai Square Spa, a treatment made up with a thorough exfoliation, a luxurious 24-Carat Pure Gold Collagen Mask and a relaxing massage.

If you are searching Christmas gifts for your family and friends, why not consider our Christmas spa packages. Offering complimentary Sen Space experience, you can also get our own iMantara spa products. Here are the details for our fantastic Christmas spa packages:

  • Silver Christmas: £100 value with 30 minutes complimentary Sen Space
  • Gold Christmas: £150 value with 1 hour complimentary Sen Space and iMantara Duo Set
  • Platinum Christmas: £200 value with 1 hour complimentary Sen Space for 2 people and iMantara Gift Set.


Do not hesitate any more! Visit our website and book your fabulous day spa in London for this Christmas. Remember to check out our spa deals in London.