Where does hot stone massage come from?

Think of the last time you were going through anxiety and stress. What did your muscles feel like? What was going through your mind? And how long did it take before you were able to relax? Put yourself in that same scenario, and instead of hoping for matters to calm down eventually, how about hitting up a day spa in London for a hot stone massage. Which one would you honestly prefer?  

Hot stone massage is a technique where smooth stones are heated and then placed on various areas of the body during the treatment. It is a popular spa treatment because of how enjoyable it makes a massage session. A professional hot stone massage is also a very popular accompaniment to a Thai massage in London.

The use of hot stone massages dates back several years.  Its earliest use to improve health and relaxation was recorded in India almost 5000 years ago. At this time, the practice was only known to Hindus in India and they referred to it as Ayurveda. In their practice, the hot stones were placed on different parts of the body to relieve the pain. It quickly spread in this region because of how outstanding the results were.

Around 300 years later, the Chinese also discovered that hot stones were a good remedy to relieve pain, especially in the gastrointestinal tract. Unlike the Indians, the Chinese heat the stones and placed them on the stomach to help in relieving indigestion and other pains related to digestive disorders. Before heating, the stones were formed into particular shapes that they referred to as Bien.

As people discovered more and better ways to relieve pain, the natives of the Sandwich Islands, presently known as Hawaii, also made a great discovery in pain relief. They heated lava rocks and wrapped them in leaves which were believed to have medicinal properties, and applied them on the affected areas of the body.

Later, the heated stone massage found its way into the Native American sweat lodge. The Native Americans also had a unique way of putting hot stones to good use. Here, the stones were not directly applied to the body. The heat produced from the stones were used to relieve tense muscles and to help relieve the body from stress. The heated stones were also believed to help in improving blood circulation to muscles and other parts of the body, helping you achieve relaxation and relieve stress.

Today different people from different places around the globe use hot stones as part of massage therapy. The techniques also vary to suit various preferences, purposes and needs. There are also different ways in which the stones are heated, but most people prefer heating them in hot water. Some therapists also use the stones to massage while coated in oil. Thai Square Spa offers the best spa deals in London where experienced and professional therapists will ensure that all your needs are met with a unique Thai hot stone massage.