Top Ritual Therapies at Thai Square Spa

Massage therapy is becoming popular rapidly because of its plentiful benefits. This is a great way to get rid of stress and feel rejuvenated. Everyone can benefit from a therapy because it uses natural ingredients to relax your mind, relieve tensions and improve the circulation of blood.

One of the therapies that are becoming mainstream is the Ritual Therapies. We have an extensive collection of Ritual therapies at Thai Square Spa that will help us focus on your bodywork to soothe your mind and soul. Here are the details about the ritual therapies offered at Thai Square Spa.

Ritual Therapies

We offer a wide range of ritual therapies. Whether you are a working professional or a student, the ritual therapies are a great way to leave your troubles and stress behind and enjoy one of the best spa days in London.

Body Revival

This provides an exceptional experience that will enable you to relax and get connected to your soul. We will start the therapy with a sweet-scented scrub that will rejuvenate your body. With the help of the ritual massage, you will enter the relaxation state. We will use hot herbal ingredients to offer Thai ritual massage. Along with this, we will use the pressure point method to loosen tight muscles, relax your mind, boost the circulation, and nurture the soul.

Definite Detox Ritual

Another type of Ritual Body Treatment is the Definite Detox Ritual. This treatment is designed to cleanse and purify your body. We will start by giving the Thai Square Signature Scrub that will exfoliate and nurture your skin.

After this, we will apply the Siamese Serenity Balancing Body Mask. This is a necessary step that will help remove the impurities from your body. Our experts use a unique and special technique that will improve the metabolism and will eradicate the toxins.

Ritual Massage

One of the best body treatments we offered at Thai Square Spa is our Signature Ritual Massage. In this treatment, our experts will use a combination of Oriental massage techniques to provide you with an exceptional therapeutic experience. We only use essential oils for soothing and balancing your skin. The oils we used are the iMantara essential oils, which are made by blending various fruits and flower extracts. You can choose from three different types of ritual massage.

  • Royal Rachawadee Massage and Body Oil
  • Andaman Aromasoul Massage and Body Oil
  • So Sen Uplifting Jasmine Massage and Body Oil

There is nothing better and more effective in reducing stress and anxiety by experiencing amazing ritual massages at the best Thai spa in London.  It is a great way to rejuvenate as it helps lower blood pressure, loosening your muscles and even strengthening your immune system.

At Thai Square Spa, we provide a wide range of ritual body treatments that are tailored to meet your requirements. We, at Thai Square Spa, have experienced professionals who are highly skilled and trained to offer you the best massage in London.

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