Top 4 reasons for having a Body Scrub at the best spa in London

After a long, tiring day at work, pampering yourself at the best spa in London is the best
consideration you can give yourself. Most of the times you are unable to provide your body
with the facial, massage, or body scrubbing that it requires. This is where you need us. Thai
Square Spa is the perfect Thai spa you can find in London. Being a renowned and award-
winning spa, we promise to deliver you the best.

Thai Square Spa offers Thai signature scrub that nourishes and fortifies your body. It makes
use of iMantara Siamese Serenity Refining Body Polish, in which prime quality Thai herbal
components are used. This Thai Longan Extract refines and tightens your skin; whereas, Thai
Turmeric improves blood circulation and leaves skin with a natural glow.

People often wonder what body scrubs do and why is it necessary. Turns out a body scrub is
a skincare regime which removes dead skin cells through a process called exfoliating. It
further cleanses the skin and increases the body’s blood circulation. Just as a human needs
constant food and water supply, similarly it is important for our skin to undergo body
scrubbing. Without regular exfoliation, you will end up having clogged pores, blocking the
moisture which makes your skin hard and rough on the outside. Following are the reasons
which will convince you to book regular body scrubbing appointments with us.

Stress Reduction:

The body scrub is an extraordinary method to unwind and release pressure. Just like massage,
this calming spa experience enables your brain and body to recoup from a long winter and
plan for the season ahead.

Works as an Anti-aging:

Exfoliating dead skin cells will help you get rid of the dull and dreary appearance of the skin.
People shed skin cells every day, this makes your skin look fresh and keeps wrinkles at bay.
Your skin looks increasingly lively, energetic and youthful. You also age gracefully.

Fixes Blemishes:

Clogged pores can be caused by a dead-skin build-up, resulting in body acne, skin
discolouration or ingrown hair on your skin. Body scrubs don't simply make your skin look
and feel incredible – they likewise improve the health of your skin. When dead skin develops,
it can clog pores, visible blemishes, cause skin discolouration or ingrown hair on your skin.
Removing that dead skin regularly diminishes the recurrence of acne and other everyday skin

Allow your moisturizer to work better:

The best body scrub is one that exfoliates as well as moisturizes the skin. After exfoliation,
your skin absorbs moisturizer better and help it get healthier. That is the reason body
scrubbing is so important. Most body scrubs we use at Thai Square Spa contain a saturating
component, for example, olive oil. By evacuating dead cells, it improves your skins capacity
to splash up moisturizers for smooth skin.

When you look great, you feel great. Stimulating your appearance has a method for gifting
you with some enthusiastic advantages as well. Leaving our spa, you will see that your skin is
glowing, you will have an extra boost of energy, and you will feel less stressful and more

Enjoy your best spa days in London at Thai Square Spa with our body treatments!