Spa Discounts & Packages For Brides at Thai Square Spa

Weddings! This word in itself is a plethora of excitement and stress that comes with all the planning and being on your toes throughout. Yes, it’s essential but all this can adversely affect the bride’s mental as well as physical state. So it’s of prime importance that the bride takes out time for self-indulgence, pampering sessions and is looking worth million bucks on the most unforgettable day of her life, which can be done when the bride-to-be treats herself for an exclusive Thai spa that would help her in rejuvenation, relaxation and getting that unbeatable glow on her big day.


For every bride who is looking for Spa Discounts & Packages for brides, Thai Square Spa is the ultimate destination offering the best of options and offers. Thai Square Spa has ample of options starting from your feet up to your mind with various aromatic and therapeutic oils to cleanse, revitalise and energise your body and mind. Thai massages and special bridal packages offered by Thai Square Spa are extravagant techniques for de-stressing and removing toxins from your body. The quality that differentiates these Thai Spas from others is that it overlooks nothing and utmost care is taken of the ambience, soothing sounds and inebriate aroma’s and scents everywhere. Absolutely intoxicating!

Thai Square Spa promises an unmatchable experience for all the brides to be with its two and half hour BRIDAL ESSENTIALS package that is bound to give you the much needed relaxation and leaves you feeling special and satisfied. For an even greater experience, you can try the authentic and age old BRIDAL TRADITION package which includes most amazing sessions like Floral Foot Bath, Exotic Scrub, Ritual Massage, Immaculate Complexions Facial, Finger Fabulous Therapy and Refreshments spread in a total of 201 minutes.

With all said and done, all you beautiful brides-to-be, now is the time for this extravagant and most definitely guilt-free pleasure trip to Thai Square Spa. So book your appointments this very moment and unwind in the soothing Thai Spa experience.