Spa Bath and Body Gift Baskets for Her – Unique Christmas Gift for Her

Christmas is the time to recognise the contributions made by our loved ones. You can do this by giving them gifts, which they cherish and remember for the whole coming year. Some of the best gift ideas for Christmas are here.

1. The Complete Gift Set for Worker Bees.

This precious gift is just £99.  It includes a 30 minute Back, Neck and Shoulder massage and a 30 minute Oriental Scalp Massage. Also included are iMantara Peaceful Palm Hand Bath and Peaceful Palm Hand Lotions. This gift is specially designed for worker bees since they generally use their hands a great deal, whether for manual or office work. Give them an intriguing Jasmine-mint hand bath and lotion to relax and soften their hard working hands.

2. The Complete Gift Set for Shoppers.

This exclusive gift pack is just £99. It includes a 30 minute Back Neck and Shoulder massage and 30 Minute Oriental Foot Massage. Also included are the Plus iMantara So Sen Uplifting Body Lotion and iMantara So Sen Uplifting Body Bath.  Invest in a 30 minute back neck and shoulder massage at Thai Square Spa and take time out to relax the body and mind. The Oriental Foot Massage will revive tired feet too. Having pounded the streets, shoppers will enjoy a wonderfully invigorating treat at home, when using iMantara’s Jasmine-Mint body bath.

3. The Complete Gift set for Outdoorsy.

This gift is just £125. The package includes a 1 Hour Thai Traditional Massage and a 30 minute Oriental foot massage. Also included are a iMantara Siamese Sole Foot Lotion and iMantara Siamese Sole Foot Scrub. You need time for yourself and there is no better way to pamper your tired body than going for a massage. Tired feet are always in need of an Oriental foot massage. This eases tired muscles and also relieves pain. The iMantara Siamese Sole foot Scrub and foot lotion combination is uplifting for the mind too.

4. The Complete Gift Set For Him / For Her

This gift set is for just £99. This includes a 1 hour Ritual Massage with a choice of oil (Royal Rachawadee, So Sen Uplifting Massage oil, and Andaman Aromasoul).  Along with this you get one of the iMantara massage and body oils. Ritual Massage is the most popular treatment at Thai Square Spa. The Ritual Massage, which uses our specially selected oils, will transport you to a peaceful state of mind. These three massage oils are very versatile as they are also useful as normal body oil. Deeply hydrating, they sink quickly into the skin, providing nourishment. These beautiful oils are best used after a morning shower or a relaxing bath and their stunning unique scent will remind you of your wonderful experience at Thai Square Spa.

5. The Complete Gift Set of Exotic Journey for the seasoned traveller.

This package is £169 and includes a 2 Hour Siamese Serenity (Body Scrub, Body Mask, and Body Massage with oil) and you get an iMantara Siamese Serenity Body Polish free with it. Thai Square Spa welcomes the seasoned traveller, where they will be energised by the Siamese Serenity treatment. They’ll be introduced to Thai Longan seeds, which are only found in the East. With its unique scent and the fabulous benefits of a glowing skin, this package will leave an everlasting impression on your loved ones.