A Simple DIY Guide on Manicure

A manicure is one of the most common reasons why people always visit their favourite Thai spa in London. It is a luxurious beauty treatment designed to make both the hands and nails look gorgeous, which you can do it at home, or have it done at the best nail salon in London. Below are the six steps of a manicure, so you know what to expect if you are giving yourself a simple manicure at home..


  1. Nail Polish Is Removed, and Nails Are Cleaned


Before starting your manicure, it is important to remember to remove the old nail polish on your fingernails first, by using a nail polish remover and round cotton pads. They will also clean your nails to make sure any dirts is removed in the process.


  1. Shaping and clipping your nails


The next step of the manicure is to shape and clip your fingernails, which is necessary for a pair of good-looking hands. A slightly rounded or square-rounded nail shape is most preferable, but you can be as creative with your fingernail shape.


  1. Cuticle Treatments


After clipping your fingernails, it is time to deal with the cuticles. First, you will need to soften the cuticles by soaking your hands in warm water for approximately a few minutes. Then you will need a cuticle remover and cuticle stick to remove the dead cuticle skins and gently push back the cuticles. Cuticles are good for protecting your nail beds from bacteria, so you have to be careful in the process.


  1. Soak and Exfoliation


Afterwards, you can relax yourself by soaking your hands in a bowl of warm water for 15 to 20 minutes. This will help soften the skin and prepare your hands for the next step - exfoliation. After towel-drying your hands, you need to use the hand scrub to massage and exfoliate your hand to remove the dead skin cells.


  1. Moisturisation

To get a pair of gorgeous hands, it is important to keep your hands hydrated. Thus, do not forget to moisturise your hands after the exfoliation.


  1. Buffing and Nail Polish


The last step of your manicure is nail polish. First, you will need to buff your fingernails properly so that the nail polish that you apply later will adhere better to the nails. Once the nails are buffed, you will need to apply a base coat on your fingernails before applying the nail polish of your choosing. At the end, you can apply a top coat to make your fingernails look even better and shiny.


Manicure at the best nail salon in London


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