Salt Therapy – A natural treatment with healing and beautifying properties

While salt is a common ingredient used in cooking, studies have shown that breathing in misty salt vapours in the salt room offers numerous benefits to your body. For years, have salt rooms become a special spa treatment in Europe and the Middle East, which spa-goers enjoy different health benefits, such as improving breathing and purifying the skin.

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What is Salt Therapy?

Salt therapy refers to a treatment known as ‘Halotherapy’, which ‘Halo’ is a Greek word meaning salt. Originated in the 18th Century, it is a natural therapy aims at improving the respiratory and skin conditions.

Research has shown that inhaling salt vapours has improved the health condition of the recipients who have lung problems like asthma and chronic endocrine. For instance, salt water is commonly used as a nasal spray to loosen phlegm, reduce pressure, and open sinus passages. The same effect is achieved when sitting in a salt-infused room at the best spa in London. The salt vapours pull out the excess fluid in the sinus cavity which helps the spa-goers to breathe better.

Exposure to salt vapours also helps improve the skin condition. Salt is a great natural ingredient in moisturising the skin. Moreover, sitting in the salt room helps detoxify and purify the skin by draining away the excessive fluid. This means that blemishes are reduced in appearance, and your skin will be rejuvenated and look younger. Thus, salt therapy does not only have healing properties for lung issues, but also a beautifying effect.

Salt therapy is a unique experience different from other spa treatments. There is no direct contact with the salt itself, only the salt-infused vapours circulating in the room. There are no negative side effects to this form of therapy. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy a proper exposure that may last from 15 minutes up to an hour. The vapours will start relieving your respiratory problems and purifying your skin.

Salt House Therapy at Thai Square Spa

It is not surprising that most of the spas in London are introducing this form of treatment, thanks to its effectiveness. The creation of salt rooms is relatively inexpensive, although they must be maintained properly. Salt therapy is open to anyone who wants to improve their respiratory and skin conditions or simply want to enjoy a unique day spa in London.

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