Salt house therapy – a boost for your health and well-being

From the ancient times, the salt room or salt house therapy at the leading ancient spas is considered an effective therapy to deal with a number of health problems whether internally or externally. Salt room therapy derived from the ancient Greek salt cave therapy- speleotherapy or halotherapy, where people inhale salt infused air in natural salt caves around the coast. In modern times, the benefits of inhaling dry salty air was first discovered when salt miners working in salt mines did not suffer from respiratory problems commonly associated with working in other types of mines. Today due to the amazing benefits that salt room therapy provides, it has become the latest craze in spa trends, together with some other spa therapies such as Thai massage London. Many places that offer spa deals London include this amazing salt room therapy.

Ideal for healing respiratory problems

Salt room therapy is especially good for people who suffer from, asthma, bronchitis, or various other kinds of lung and respiratory problems and disorders. People with these conditions will benefit greatly from sitting in salt room spa and breathe in the fine salt particles flowing in the air. As salt is naturally antiseptic, It helps to cure inflammation of the respiratory system, aids in mucus elimination and improve general respiratory functions. Many scientific studies have shown a high success rate of salt room therapy in treating asthma. It may also be a good spa option for people who do not have any respiratory problems but want to experience the amazing healing and cleaning property of salt room therapy.

Air packed with minerals

As the salt blocks used to create salt room or salt house in spas are usually unprocessed salt which are packed with wonderful minerals that our body needs. The fast-paced modern life has made many people adopt to an unhealthy eating and drinking habit which leads to general mineral deficiency. By breathing in the microscopic salt particles that contain these minerals, our body is replenished of good minerals that are essential for our health and well-being.


Away from the hustles and bustles of the city life, and immerse yourself completely in the dimly lit and relaxing salt room spa, no place is better than the salt room for a session of blissful meditation. Better still, go for a Thai massage London and then relax and detox in the salt room, you will come out of the spa feeling light and cleansed inside out.

If you live in London or thinking of visiting London, make sure you check out the various spa deals London. Instead of actually going to a salt cave in a remote seaside town, salt house therapy is the next best thing in the heart of the city where you can unwind and reap the benefits of salty air you can normally get from a salt cave! It is time to experience this life changing spa trend, and you will be coming back for more! How about planning some spa days to completely unwind yourself?