What products used in the best nail salon in London to deliver the best manicure treatment?

There are various types of nail products used by different nail salons in their manicure services, such as nail file, cuticle oil, etc. But to deliver the perfect manicure treatment to the spa-goers, the best nail salon in London tends to use their own nail products in their treatments.

Taking advantage of our best spa deals in London, you can experience a professional manicure treatment and learn more about the nail products we used at Thai Square Spa as well. If you are trying to do a simple manicure at home, we will briefly show you what kinds of nail products are necessary for a perfect DIY manicure in this article.

Nail Polish Remover

The first step of your DIY manicure should always be removing your old nail polish with a quality nail polish remover. Most spas tend not to use nail polish removers that are 100% acetone because they often dry out your nails too much. Instead, they use nail polish removers with milder formulas that often leave behind a pleasing scent.

Cotton Balls

There is a reason that cotton balls have been used for decades to remove nail polish. They do the job right and do not leave anything behind, and this will make your home manicure easier. Of course, you may not need cotton balls only if you use the best, highest quality nail polish.

Glass Nail File

A nail file is a primary tool used in a manicure. The nail file must be of high quality if you want it to last for a long time, and there are two main types of nail files, which are metal nail file and glass nail file. While a metal nail file works fine in a manicure, the glass nail file is a better option for two reasons. First, it leaves a smoother edge; second, it never gets dull. Getting a high-quality glass file makes perfect sense for your pocketbook if you want to get a good result from your DIY manicure.

Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is another essential product used in your favourite nail salon in London to deliver the perfect manicure treatment. The oil is mainly used to moisturise the cuticles and nail area. It also protects and improves the health of cuticles. There are different kinds of cuticle oils available in the market, and interestingly, olive oil can also work as a cuticle oil to moisturise and protect the cuticles. Balms work as well, but they are waxy in texture, which makes them less ideal option in the manicure treatments. Still, it is always necessary to use cuticle oil to keep your nails hydrated.

Base & Top Coats

Both base coat and top coat are necessary for a perfect nail polish. However, they do more than simply make your nails look gorgeous. On the one hand, the base coat is the base layer of nail polish to improve adhesion and prevent staining at the same time; on the other, the top coat acts as a ‘sealer’ to your nail polish to prevent it from chipping. Your DIY manicure will not be completed without high-quality top and base coats.

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