Luxurious Spa Packages at Thai Square Spa


For quite some time spas have been offering some of the best and effective massage services in rejuvenating spa-goers. While out to get a massage, there is no doubt that everyone desires a service that would meet their highest expectations while keeping them relaxed. If you are looking for an authentic Thai massage in London, then a visit to the Thai Square Spa would offer you just that. This Thai spa is the ultimate destination perfect for relaxing and unwinding by providing the best massage in London.

To make sure that you get the most out of your spa days in London, the following spa packages from Thai Square Spa offer outstanding services for your personal needs.

Maternity spa packages

There is always a lot of anxiety that comes with pregnancy and it is important for a mother to take some time out and relax. There’s no doubt that carrying a precious little life with that bump can sometimes be overwhelming.  At the Thai Square Spa, there are a lot of soothing packages exclusively for the expectant mothers to ease the anxiety. These special treatments are designed to help mothers go through the different changes in pregnancy without stress.

Bride to be packages

Weddings are one of the most important events in a woman’s life and every bride to want to feel elegant on her wedding day. Thai Square Spa makes you feel totally radiant with their high-end treatments. They help keep you relaxed even when there is a lot of work to do in preparation for the big day. You get the best floral foot bath, ritual massage, peaceful palms therapy, immaculate complexions facial, finger fabulous therapy and Siamese sole foot therapy.    

Gentleman spa package

The Gentleman spa package is a relaxing retreat designed for the gents. It is no doubt a perfect complement to a hard day’s work or a sunny day at the beach. This package is a combination of a deep cleansing and toning treatment for men, followed by a stress relieving face and shoulder massage that will ease the tension. The deep massage targets trigger points to allow a seamless flow of energy.

Couple spa packages

If you are looking for a heavenly weekend at a spa to rekindle the romance in your relationship, then look no further than Thai Square Spa. We offer the best couples massage in London to make sure that you get what you’ve always wanted. This package has been designed for optimal relaxation, rejuvenation, togetherness, and romance. It is ideal for those who feel they want something extra special to share with the one person they care about and love.  It is guaranteed that you will leave the spa-inspired, relaxed and with increased levels of love.

Full day spa package

The full day spa package gives you full access to Sen Space and a lot of leverage to balance both the mind body and spirit. You also experience the floral foot bath, milk soak, refreshments, ritual hair remedies,, and an exotic scrub.  

Half day spa packages

A half day spent at the Thai spa gives more than you can ever imagine. The hydrotherapy, energizing detox, Asian detox and among the services that you will love to have over and over again.  

Our luxurious spa packages at Thai Square spa are the best spa deals in London to treat yourself, Half Day Package, Couple Spa package and more. If you want something more unique, Thai Square Spa also offers a Thai Serenity package, a spa package consists of both body scrub and Thai Herb Healer for £140 until the end of December. Or you can also browse for our festive spa vouchers, starting from £100, which makes a fantastic Christmas gift for your loved ones.

Visit Thai Square Spa and browse for your own spa package today!