Lucky in Love The Look Choop Dessert

The gorgeous tiny sweets called Look Choop suggests a culinary connection to the west dating back several centuries to early contact between European nations and Thailand via seagoing trade. It is believed that Look Choop was a Thai dessert created in the royal palaces of ancient Siam by a Portuguese courtesan hundreds of year ago. Look Choop are an Asian version of marzipan, the almond paste treats formed into tiny fruits and vegetable so as to delight the eyes as well as the palate. Made from a paste of coconut, palm sugar, and steamed Tua Tong, the yellow centres of hulled mung beans. Look Choop are shaped into miniature tropical fruits, painted with food colour to complete the illusion, and then dipped in gelatine to make them shine. Look Choop had to be shaped into mini size of fruits or vegetables and painted colourfully, as it was important that foods look attractive and draw the attention from royal members. After being long secret in the palace, for many decades the recipe of this delicious Thai dessert was finally made available to everyone.


Given that Look-Choop have a unique appearance, luscious flavours and aroma it is used in many Buddhist rituals; for example, the beginning and the end of Buddhist lent, where they will be offered to monks. As Look Choop means in Thai loveable by all or adoring, it is widely used in auspicious celebrations, for instance, Thai house warming celebrations, and especially the traditional wedding ceremony. Look Choop is one of the nine auspicious Thai desserts, which will bring good luck or good fortune in love to everyone to who eats it and, importantly to the bride and the groom. With the twisted idea to make Look Choop in the heart shape, it is believed that one will find their true love for the whole year through.