Have you tried the Ion Foot Bath Treatment at a nearby Spa?

The word spa has emerged as a word of domestic vocabulary in the past decade or so. Spas of different kinds have indeed been quite instrumental in rendering a holistic well being to people all over the world. Not only that but since spas are quite sought after these days, there are also the alternative health centers are also promoting a wide range of treatment options based on client demand coming up. One of them is detoxification with the aid of negative ion charge therapy which is one of the hot favorite treatments being offered in many spas today.

Now the question must be arising in your mind as to why one needs such a treatment. Well, a lion’s share of our diets comprising of processed foods, pesticide treated "whole" foods and polluted air that we breathe in causes toxification in our bodies. So, the detoxification treatments like ion detox enables in restoration of health and vitality.

Working mechanism of Ion Foot Bath Treatment

The foot bath renders negatively charged atoms which bind together with oppositely charged particles. Through the process of osmosis, the toxins are excreted via the sweat glands of the feet into the foot bath water.

Health Benefits of Ion Foot Bath Detox Treatment

Well, all the people who have undergone this treatment mostly report feeling much better, vibrant and a lot more energetic. Then of course undergoing the process of sitting through an ionic bath naturally offers you to take time out of your daily grind to relax. Apart from that premium spas comprise of dedicated room for the therapy session along with relaxing music to round out the environment.

Additional reported benefits constitute of:

• Weight loss and much lowered cravings

• Mood booster (lesser mood swings)

• Better bowel digestion and metabolism

• Massive improvement in the liver function leading to a sense of mental well being.

• Acts as an add on in treatment of a flurry of ailments such as chronic fatigue, diabetes, high cholesterol, depression etc.