Introducing the amazing Wet Treatments at Thai Square Spa

Dealing with everyday life can be sometimes hard and provoke bad effects on your body such as stress, muscle pain and nerve problems. It has been demonstrated that aquatic therapy, also known as hydrotherapy, is good to solve these problems and improve general wellness. Athletes too can benefit from hydrotherapy, in fact, this kind of treatment is perfect to take care of some kind of sports injuries and regain flexibility. Talking about beauty treatments, the employment of water and steam not only is relaxing but also reduces aches and pains, makes you feel stronger and improves general fitness. In addition, hydrotherapy improves skin appearance and makes it look softer and more radiant. Water combined with the effects of aromatherapy is really effective in fighting daily stress and, of course, offers a restoring experience.


If you would like to run away for a while from bothers that life sometimes brings, it could be a good idea to take some hours to try out one of our fantastic Wet Treatments at Thai Square Spa. You can enjoy our best spa deals in London and feel invigorated from the power of water combined with essential oils.


Private Herbal Steam


This beauty care is perfect to lower blood pression and improve circulation, but not only. Steam in fact declog skin pores from pollution and purifies them. Moreover, the high temperature causes sweat, which is good to stimulate cell renewal. This treatment provides a thirty minute-long stay in a misty and heavelnly-scented room. Traditional Thai herbs are combined with cleansing steam to give a complete sense of serenity. The result is a better skin and a regenerated mind.


Aromatic Soak


Having a bath is always a good idea when you need to get rid of tiredness. Our therapeutic bath is enriched with essential oils, which provide a beautiful exotic aroma to involve five senses and remove stress from your mind. Perfumed candles and soft lights will complete the experience and at the end of the bath you will be a completely new person. Totally relaxing!


Milk Soak


The tradition of milk bathing is very old and even in the Ancient Rome people knew the benefits of this practice. Milk contains good fats, proteins, vitamins and mineral salts, which helps skin renewal, fight age signs and prevent dark spots. Moreover, milk is less drying and results more delicate on the skin. At the best spa in London, you can try out our milk bath, a very sweet and gentle treatment for your skin that also makes you feel the pleasure of something unusual.


Oriental Rain


This treatment provides a unique experience for your body and soul. Our special Vichy shower will hand over you the tranquillity of the water element, leaving you relaxed and bringing back your body balance. You will lie back while the cascading water floods you living you a massage. Thanks to this massage, blood circulation is improved and, as a result, leg pain is reduced. Skin will benefit too from this beauty treatment, in fact the shower gives hydration and elasticity. Absolutely recommended!


If you are looking for a day spa in London and you would like to experience one of our amazing Wet Treatments at Thai Square Spa, book an appointment online. You will enjoy the good effects of water on your skin and body!