How to Prepare your Skin for Summer

Summer is fast approaching and our skin will definitely feel the change. Right now is the time to start taking extra care of it and swapping your skin care to something more suitable for the summer. Add a little hydration and maximise that sunscreen because you will definitely be needing it.


Exfoliating is essential, especially in the summer as it helps to leave your skin looking much healthier and adds a natural glow. During summer it is incredibly easy for our pores to become clogged due to the heat, exfoliating will clean them and allow them to breathe, this prevents break outs and helps to control oil. At Thai Square Spa our therapists recommend using a dissolvable exfoliator, for example one made of sugar as it will not irritate you.


It’s time to put away your winter routine, start a new skin care regime with products that are more heat and summer friendly. Go for more hydrating and moisturising creams as they will keep your skin fresh through out the summer, using products that stop or block oil production can be no good for your skin as it starves your pores from the natural oils it needs. If you starve the skin of oils, it will end up producing even more. Use products with Hyaluronic acid, which holds water and allows the skin to look more vibrant and plump.


Water is your best friend during summertime, not only for your own personal health benefits but your skin needs it too. Our skin is made of cells, it is an organ like any other and those cells are made of water, so naturally it’ll need water to function properly. Try drinking two to three litres a day and you will see an improvement within a week, you will look fresh, awake and much healthier.


You should be using this every single day whether it is summer or winter. However, it is really important that use a much higher factor during those hot summer days. UV rays are so powerful and we don’t realise how much harm it causes to our skin. The sun is really damaging and it’s the number one factor in causing wrinkles, using a strong SPF every day helps to prevent these, we recommend SPF 50 or even higher if you can.

Following this advice closely will make noticeable improvements to your skin overtime. Enjoy your summer but remember to keep your skin safe, do not overdue it on the sun. Come in to Thai Square Spa if you’re travelling and have a look at our Treatments for travellers, including a Post Flight Serenity Massage that will get you ready to take off straight away. For more treatments, or to book a consultation visit Thai Square Spa or call us on 02078397990