How much do you know about Foot Massage?

Your feet can play a vital part in the rejuvenation and relaxation of the body. Whenever you feel exhausted and tired of your hectic routine, why not spend a day in the best spa in London for luxurious spa treatments? There are many spa deals in London to choose from for your beauty regimen, a relaxing foot massage will be the perfect option for you.

As to ascertain why a foot massage is so important for the relaxation and rejuvenation of body and mind, we should look into the history of why and how foot massages first originated.

Foot Massage; From the Beginning

The origins of a foot massage date very far back in history and many civilizations have records of foot massages used as a procedure not only to acquire relaxation of mind and body but also to alleviate many health problems.

If you don’t believe us then let’s get stuck into it.

Take the Chinese as an example: They have been using therapeutic foot massages for medical treatments for approximately 5,000 years. It is based on the concept of the life force called Qi which flows through the body along paths called meridians. By massaging the acupoints on the feet, it will effectively block pain, dysfunction and illnesses in the body.

In Egypt, much evidence has been found regarding foot massage techniques being used in Ancient Egypt. The tomb of an ancient Egyptian physician has been known to have drawings on the wall of reflexological techniques from 2,500 BC.

According to Indian history, records of foot massages have been found in the Vedic literature. God Narajanah used to be massaged by his wife, the goddess Lakshmi. This practice was then followed by Vedic physicians for curing diseases and promoting relaxation of mind, body and soul.

In American Indian culture and European history also, the foot massage has been given great importance as a reflexology therapy, used in both diagnosis and the healing process.

Oriental Foot Massage at Thai Square Spa

Based on the reflexology, the Oriental foot massage is a great way to feel relaxation seep into your body through your feet. It stimulates the acupoints that are linked to different organs in the body. As a result, it helps your body to alleviate pain, disperses the tension in your body and reduces inflammation. So that a new energy flows through you which is essential in the healing and rejuvenating process.

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