A Guide to our Thai Salon at Thai Square Spa

Nowadays, a hair salon does not provide hair services alone, instead the services become increasingly diversified over the years. In addition to cut and blow dry, you can also find salon services such as hair treatments and styling, as well as beauty services, like makeup and pedicure etc. Our Thai hair salon at Thai Square Spa is the best multi-purpose hair and beauty salon centre in London. We offer a wide range of both salon and beauty services, ranging from hair treatments, styling to Thai pedicure treatments under one roof. If you are looking for a place providing the finest salon or beauty deals in London, you must not miss out our Thai Square Salon in Central London.

Before making an appointment with our Hairdresser and makeup artist, let’s take a look at the following article which provides you with a glimpse of the diversified services that we offered.

Hair Cutting and Styling

Our hairdresser at Thai Square Salon offers the best hairdressing services for both men and women in London. We understand the importance of a good-looking hairstyle and this is why we encourage our guests to consult our hairstylists beforehand. Within the approximate 60-minute treatment, our professional hairdressers will spare no effort to create the perfect hairstyle with the finest haircutting and blow dry procedures. Also, they offer hairstyling services, such as hair colouring and texturing, etc. that can prepare you with stunning hairstyles for different special occasions. For example, our bridal and evening look packages are very popular among our guests. No doubt that you will get the most desired results after consulting with our hair stylists. Every barber in our Thai hair salon has mastered the art and science of enhancing the health and beauty of hair to make sure that all of our guests are satisfied when they walk out of Thai Square Spa.

Hair Treatment

If you are having dry and damaged hair, it is highly recommended to try out our intensive hair treatment programme. People are always suffering from the hair-related problems, such as split-ends or hair looking dull and dry. Some of these problems are a result of poor daily hair treatment, and it is doubtless that applying hair oil every night at home is not sufficed to remedy the issues. Our one-hour hair treatment does not only involve nourish and restore the quality your hair with our high quality hair products, there is also a session of blow dry. At the end, you will have a shiny and healthy hair and will be free of the troubles like breaking and loosing hair. Still, it is suggested that you should have more than one hair treatment with us to achieve the optimal result.

Makeup Bar

It is important to keep in mind that a stunning hairstyle is not enough to bring you a charming and attractive outlook. Our Thai hair salon also offers different makeup services at the Makeup Bar to create various outlooks for different events. To get the most desired results, it is necessary to consult with our makeup artists, who will design and deliver you with the best makeup that goes perfectly well with your outfit and the event that you are going to attend. Surely, you will be the most outstanding person in the venue on that day.

Manicure and Pedicure

A confident and charming outlook is not completed without the manicure and pedicure treatments. Our makeup artists are also here to provide you with good-looking nails. Our packages involve nail shaping, removal of cuticles, polishing and colouring of your choosing, and then a quick Oriental massage will be followed at the end of the treatment. Do not forget to check out our manicure and pedicure treatments when you are visiting our Nail Salon at Thai Square Spa.

Being the best Thai hair salon in London, Thai Square Salon is the most fitting place to visit before attending any special occasion or event. Our professional hair stylists and makeup artists will prepare you from head to toe, and make sure that you are ready to shine on the party.

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