Get the Valentine Glow

As the love month begins, one can see the celebrations of beauty and romance all around. Even the Nature gets ready to wear Spring colours and bloom with glory. So why should you lag behind? Book a special Valentine package and get ready to mesmerize your loved one with your glowing beauty.

Many of you might say that beauty lies in the eyes of beholder; of course that's right. But on occasions like Valentine day, a little extra effort would enthuse your relationship with charm and romance. Obviously, men like to flirt with their women when they look beautiful. And then taking a facial or a beauty treatment during Valentine week would make your man feel important as well. He would assume you are doing this to woo him and won't he like that!

As Valentine Celebratory offer, Thai Square Spa has rolled out two special packages. Eternity Package and the Infinite Package. Both include 30 minute Herbal steam session which would definitely do wonders to your body as well as spirits.


The Eternity Package further includes 30 minute neck-shoulder massage with scalp massage. That sounds sheer pampering! For those who are keen to wear some smart dress and show off their legs, they can take Foot massage in place of neck-shoulder massage. And ladies, don't forget soft and supple feet are a big turn on for men!

The good news continues as the Infinite Package gives you the option to get Seven Pollen facial done. This seven pollen facial is an exclusive facial given at Thai Square Spa and is grossly popular all over London for introducing your skin to the benefits of the pollen of seven Thai flowers that are considered amazingly effective. The Seven Pollen facial is itself an indulgence and you would cherish its long-lasting impact all through the February month.

While the Eternity Package costs only 79 for an hour long session resulting in a 39 savings, the Infinity Package is priced at 99! So many of you are already glowing with the Savings you enjoy by taking this package. In fact, these packages are the best gift you can ask from your beloved as Valentine treat.

Now, when you go out for dinner and everyone complements you for your beautiful looks, tell that without hesitation that it's the Love Glow!


Offer ends 28 February 2015