Effective Beauty Services by Thai Square Spa

Classic manicure is for £40.

This treatment is for the most important part of your body- your hands. This treatment includes exfoliation, cuticle trimming, shape and also application of nail paint. The products used leaves your hands and nails deeply hydrated. It takes 45 minutes for the whole treatment.

Luxury mitt manicure treatment is for £55.

This treatment is also for your delicate hands and includes exfoliation, trimming, shaping and paint but it also includes heated mittens to make the hydrating treatment more effective. It also helps to cure brittle nails and is perfect for dry skin. It also helps in growth of nails.

Shellac manicure is for £45.

This treatment is for people who cant afford to waste their time and apply nail paint very often. The nail polish is more durable than the regular one. A shellac base is applied before putting the paint and also top coated and set with a UV lamp to fix it. You just need to take out 45 minutes of your busy schedule.

Signature advanced pedicure for £54.

This one-hour treat for your feet cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates the feet leaving them soft. Nails and cuticles are trimmed and shaped. The feet are massaged with a sequence of expert lymphatic drainage techniques. You can also choose the colour of the nail paint to give it a perfect finish.

Luxury pedicure for £68

Similar to luxury mitt manicure, this treatment includes heated foot wraps. It sets gold standards in foot care. Pedicure also improves blood circulation and helps heal cracked heels. The total treatment is for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Shellac pedicure for £59.

This one hour of luxury treatment for your feet leaves them looking perfect. The dead skin is removed and cuticle work is done. Your feet are hydrated before the application of shellac base and nail paint. This paint is then fixed with a topcoat and dried under UV lamp. This leaves you with a perfect finish look that last up to three weeks.

Depilatory Waxing The Prices of which starts from £12.50.

This is a time-tested method of hair removal. The skin is left smooth for about four weeks. The dead cells are also removed and the skin looks brighter and cleaner.

The beauty industry is always booming as people want to look good and feel good. Try out Thai square spa for the latest hairstyles, makeup and spa.