Brand New Launch iMantara by Thai Square Spa

Thai Spa Rituals Reinvented


Born out of a passion to bring the most authentic Thai spa experience to the UK, Thai Square Spa was founded in 2010 in London™s Covent Garden. Today it is highly regarded for an impressive selection of treatment rituals and ceremonies that pay homage to Thailand™s rich aromatherapy and massage traditions.

Now this knowledge and dedication is harnessed in the exciting birth of the brand™s signature lifestyle range, iMantara by Thai Square Spa.


The lifestyle collection consisting of three items, is now available to purchase directly from the spa on Shelton Street as well as online as from June 2015. The second phase of several skincare ranges will follow during November of this year.

A natural evolution from the Hinduism mantra™ iMantara beautifully captures the spiritual and sensorial traditions that are the cornerstones of Thai Square Spa™s decadent lifestyle range.

Meaning a sacred word, syllable or phrase, repeated in prayer or meditation™ in 19th Century Sanskrit, mantra™ provided the initial inspiration for this exquisite spa-inspired collection that puts Thai holistic healing centre stage. Akin to the botanical equivalent of a verbal mantra.

Relax, restore and revive with expertly blended formulations that harness the potent natural power of botanicals, oriental essentials oils, herbs and spices.

Thai Jasmine, Jasmine Sambac and Plai essential oils, plus Rachawadee a Thai flower with an imagined fragrance, are just a few of the new brand™s signature ingredients. iMantara by Thai Square Spa will take you on a Thai botanical odyssey, inspired by ancient spirituality. All in the comfort of your own home.



Sublime Living Jasmine Essential Oil at £12.95

Harnessing the natural power of one of Thailand™s most fragrant botanicals, this essential oil will infuse your living space with a subtle scent redolent of hazy sun-drenched days in the Orient.

To Use: Add 3-4 drops to an oil burner and mix with a little water to subtly scent any living space.

Sublime Living Jasmine & Rachawadee Room Spray at £19.95

Harnessing the natural power of two of Thailand™s most fragrant botanicals Jasmine & Rachawadee (albeit that Rachawadee™s scent exists only within the wonderful imagination of the Thai people.) This room spray steeps your home in a pure, regal scent reminiscent of summer evenings in Thai pavilions and palaces.

To Use: Use 2-3 spritzes of this concentrated home fragrance to subtly scent rooms. Or spray in the bedroom before going to bed to promote restful sleep. Avoid eyes, delicate fabrics and any naked flames.

Royal Rachawadee Massage and Body Oil at £34.95

Light, zesty and refreshing, this is ideal for a post-shower morning massage or after a soothing night-time soak. Rachawadee has a wonderful calming action on mind and body. Expertly blended with four citrus-based essential oils, this leaves a subtle fruity aroma on skin. Bergamot and Orange are balancing, Grapefruit energies and Petitgrain invigorates.

To Use: Warm a few drops in palms and massage into skin with light sweeping motions.

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