Best Selling Sublime Living Jasmine & Rachawadee Room Spray and Oil

Binding the power of Thailand’s most aromatic plants, Jasmine and Rachawadee, Sublime Living Jasmine & Rachawadee Room Spray, turns your home into a pure and heavenly place. It might even give you memories of Thai pavilions and is very simply a treat for the soul.

Sublime-Living-Jasmine-&- Rachawadee-Room-Spray

Sublime Living Jasmine & Rachawadee Room Spray

Feel relaxed with the beautiful aroma of these heavenly herbs you might also feel as if you are enjoying a spa. So make the most of this offer to turn your day into a pleasant and memorable one. Although the price of this 120ml bottle is £19.95, there is an introductory offer and it costs you just £14.95.

Simply use 2-3 spritzes of this concentrated home fragrance to subtly scent rooms or spray in the bedroom before going to bed to promote restful sleep. You can also spray it when you are expecting some guests to make the ambience all the more appealing.

This beautiful blend is also available in the form of essential oil. As you know the power of essential oils can make or break your day. They can provide various therapeutic benefits even if used in a small quantity because the concentrated essence will be extracted from twigs, leaves, bark or flowers.

The use of essential oils can be traced back for centuries; although the method of extraction has changed the benefits still remain the same. The physical properties of the plants are transferred in this essence making it medicated and therapeutic. The Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Chinese, Persians and Indians, all used organic essential oils to treat various ailments.

You can add a few drops of essence to your bath making it more luxurious. In today’s fast paced world, this is a treat for your body and soul. Essential oils are a blessing for patients of stress and anxiety.

Sublime Living Jasmine & Rachawadee Essential Oil is only£12.95 and comes in an 11ml bottle. You can avail yourself of the introductory offer where you would be getting it for just £9.95. Simply add 3-4 drops to an oil burner and mix with a little water to subtly scent any living space.

If you want to pass on this tradition, you can buy this invaluable Jasmine and Rachawadee Essential oil in a gift set, Siam Living Gift Set for just £59 | (Plus £5 for the shipping fee). It contains a beautiful earthenware pottery incense burner, which showcases the work of native Thai artists and craftsmen. The set also includes 1 bottle of Sublime Living Jasmine and Rachawadee Essential oil and three tea lights. A perfect gift for any occasion!