Best Christmas Gifts – Introducing the iMantara Range at Thai Square Spa

To get the best massage in London this Christmas, you should choose a spa that not just offers great service but uses amazing products. And Thai Square Spa is doing exactly that. The new range of iMantra products is being introduced at the Spa. They are not only available at our online shop, but we also use these wonderful products in various therapies. Therefore, our customers can enjoy the best even after leaving the spa. From topical treatment such as hand lotions and essential oils to aromatic products such as room sprays and burner boxes, the iMantra range has it all.

In the following post, we introduce a few of the products from this incredible range that should be on your Christmas shopping list:

Royal Rachawadee Massage and Body Oil

One of the best ways to relax is to massage the tired muscles of your body. But, you cannot always have the time or afford getting a soothing session at the best spa in London. This is why we created this massage and body oil from iMantra. Used in many of our luxurious spa treatments, its refreshing and zesty formula is perfect for a light massage after the morning shower or a late night soak. What is even better is the soothing scent of citrus it leaves behind.

So Sen Uplifting Jasmine Body Lotion

No day is complete without some healthy moisturizing. This iMantara body lotion has a rich formula that penetrates the skin easily and deeply hydrates it. It contains a combination of jojoba and Thai coconut oils along with jasmine, rose geranium, and peppermint essential oil.

So Sen Uplifting Jasmine Body Wash

Your bathing or shower time could not become any better than this. Your skin needs nourishment and this body wash is perfect for doing that. With a sheer opulent texture, the body wash contains coconut and olive oil along with jasmine water and jasmine sambac essential oil. The combination soothes and revives the skin; making your body and mind feel energized.

Peaceful Palms Balancing Jasmine and Citrus

Hand Lotion

Your hands do so much every day. They deserve some nourishing treatment too. This jasmine and citrus hand lotion from the iMantra beauty range is the perfect blend for keeping overworked hands healthy. It has a beautiful scent while the rich combination of mandarin essential oil, honeysuckle extract, coconut oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil provide a non-greasy hydration. It is also helpful in repairing and regenerating damaged skin; refreshing the hands.

Sublime Living Jasmine and Rachawadee

Room Spray

When you have worked a long and tiring day, you just want to come back home and relax. Nothing could make a better environment for relaxing than this rich and aromatic room spray from iMantra. It contains the power of fragrant botanicals from Thailand; namely the jasmine and Rachawadee. It will surround your room and create the aura of summer evenings.

To view and learn about the full range of iMantra products, visit us at the Thai Square Spa. We are now offering complimentary iMantara products in our Gold and Platinum Christmas packages, starting from £150. Why not get one for your loved ones this Christmas, they will be the best and memorable Christmas presents for your family and friends this year. If there are not interesting and exciting enough, we are also offering a 15% discount for iMantara Box Set until the end of this year!

Check out our website for more details and take our amazing products home now.