Why a foot massage is well-loved by spa-goers in London

Foot massage is one of the popular spa treatments that spa-goers enjoyed at the best spa in London. For centuries, foot massage is perfect for invigorating tired feet, promoting relaxation throughout the body, and even creating a positive effect on specific areas of the body all from the feet using the techniques of reflexology.

For those who love enjoying a day spa in London, body treatments are not the only options for you. There are several benefits that foot massage offered, which you may not be aware of. Let’s take a look at how you can be benefited from receiving a foot therapy at the best spa in London.

Blood Circulation

When the therapist massaging your muscle during the foot treatments, this improves blood circulation and transports more oxygen to the cells. Not only that you will feel more energetic, it also helps to clear out the toxins and waste particles in your body.

Deep Relaxation

A good foot massage brings about relaxation that you can feel almost from the start of the massage itself. Massaging the feet, especially around the area around the solar plexus reflex will effectively help you loosen up and lessening your stress level.

Improving Your Health Condition

While a foot massage is designed for your tiresome feet, it can boost your immune system by helping the body to function properly. The removal of tension and stress goes a long way towards increasing the effectiveness of your immune system. The less stress, the better the body functions, the more your immune system will protect you from common illnesses. Eventually, your whole body will feel a lot  healthier.

Whether walking from place to place, exercising or standing all day long, the benefits of having a foot massage at the best spa in London cannot be underestimated. Well-known as the best massage in London, we offer a range of luxurious foot treatments at Thai Square Spa, which are perfect for relaxation and stimulating blood circulation.

Siamese Sole Foot Therapy

Inspired by the ancient Thai remedies, this luxurious Thai foot therapy starts with a Floral Foot Bath and exfoliation, then it is followed by an intensive Thai massage on heels, soles and toes. This 45-minute foot treatment is ideal for improving your blood circulation while boosting your senses with our iMantara products.

Detoxifying Foot Therapy

Using our own iMantara products, this special Thai foot treatment is perfect for those who have just finished exercising or standing up for the whole day. Our treatment involves using our signature Thai Square Detox Clay Mask to purify, tone and hydrate your feet, and then we will use iMantara So Sen Uplifting Jasmine Body Oil for a gentle foot massage. At the end of the treatment, you will feel revitalised and refreshed.

If you are planning for a luxurious day spa in London, be sure to visit Thai Square Spa for a foot massage so that you can be more energized and harmonious for the rest of your day.

Remember to check out our latest spa deals in London, we are currently offering a complimentary foot lotion to our guests who have booked our foot treatments online.